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Xolioyar - website promotion service

website promotion service

Placing ads on boards

The Internet advertisement service is an indispensable tool for effectively selling your services and products on the Internet using electronic bulletin boards. Properly compiled and published ad is the most effective advertising on the network for individuals and companies.

The company "Xolioyar" performs manual placement of all types of ads on the most visited and popular bulletin boards. You fill in the application once on our website, we place your ad anywhere on the Internet. Information on bulletin boards is watched daily by a huge and interested Internet audience. This is a direct saving of time, effort and money on placing ads on all kinds of resources.

After sending out announcements, a large number of users will read the information about you. For example, when placing one information ad on 100 or 50 boards, it will be viewed by at least several thousand people per week. This approach will allow you to increase your target audience directly interested customers in your products or services. Employees of Xolioyar select only the necessary subjects of sites, publication headings and regions for your offer. Only reliable bulletin boards with the interested target audience take part in the newsletter.

What are the advantages of bulletin boards?

  • Search Engine Indexability;
  • Absolutely free posting;
  • Long ad retention period;
  • Access not only from fixed, but also from mobile devices;
  • Long lasting effect after posting an ad.

Performing a manual mailing of ads gives remarkable results in promoting a resource in issuing Google and Yandex. And the professional team Xolioyar knows how to properly place an ad on any board in order to be indexed by search engines. We regularly update our base boards and always have the most versatile and relevant in our arsenal.

Manual posting is an excellent and inexpensive way to advertise on the Internet. At the same time, to get the most out of the newsletter, several months of work with bulletin boards and regular updating of already posted posts are required. And Xolioyar is ready to help you with this monotonous work. All you need is to order the service by phone or directly on our website.