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The directory listings provided by "Xolioyar" are an up-to-date database of sites to which your Internet portal should be added. Active mindless registration in a variety of directories using both automatic and manual methods does not bring any special results. It is possible to get completely different results using the precise addition of the most complete information about your brand to verified site directories with good reputation and traffic.

When deciding to buy a list of catalogs, you give preference only to the most authoritative and high-quality sites that have excellent ICS, TRUST and SPAM indicators. Registration in high-quality directories is considered one of the most effective steps towards increasing the site rating. This approach will allow you to quickly bring your resource to higher positions in search engines and attract active traffic.

The company "Xolioyar" regularly updates catalog databases and monitors the relevance of the information provided, so you can be completely sure of the quality of the lists received. All sites are manually selected and pre-tested. At the same time, you will have access not only to general theme sites, but also to more narrowly targeted pages.